Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 days left until RKC 2

1 month until level 2 in Venice. Time to make the final push towards my GOAL. I recently returned from a second week of training with Mark Snow of SG Human Performance.

I've hit my press (44kg/97 lbs) once in practice. I just need to duplicate it on June 15th. My pullup is coming along. I hit a 20kg (44lbs) pullup in practice while in Omaha. It was actually my best pullup to date. Slow and steady I'll work my way over the bar with the 24kg (53lbs). The pistol, ahh the pistol. I have a love hate relationship with the pistol. It loves to torment me and remind me of my limitations and I quite frankly hate it. It's probably why I include them in my boot camp classes. Seeing others have success with achieving the pistol gives me hope that I'll get there. Some of you have seen me do a few in class. Yes, but sadly, those don't count. I can do them with a counterweight but, I can't wear my Nike Frees for testing.

30 days left, time to #getmoney

Pharaoh out