Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Monday's - The Funk and Soul Edition

What's good everyone. Time for another playlist. Last week I was in Chicago for a workshop. I had the chance to visit Rebell Conditioning. They were listening to the Gap Band station. Made me think about taking it back to the classics for this weeks playlist. Without any further ado

1. The Boss - James Brown
2. Move on up - Curtis Mayfield
3. Flashlight - Parliment Funkadelic
4. The Big Payback - James Brown
5. Pass the Peas - The J.B.'s
6. I Get Lifted - George McRae
7. You Dropped a Bomb on Me - The Gap Band
8. Mary Jane - Rick James
9. Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons
10. P-Funk - Parliment

There you have it. 10 tracks that are sure to put the funk in your next workout. Unless of course you wear smelly gym clothes all the time. Then you have a different funk.

Pharaoh out!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Music Monday's - Guest Playlist from Tom Foley of 510 Kettlebell Zen

It's Monday and that means another training playlist from a fitness professional. This week it's RKC/SFG Tom Foley of 510 Kettlebell Zen. Tom is also a good friend and fellow member of the OGKC (Old Guys Kettlebell Coalition). Here's his bio

BIO: Thomas "*Billy Ho" Foley  spreading the kettlebell love as in the 510 (Oakland, Oaktown, Oaksterdam, The Town)

Appreciation for physical culture & music have always been an underlying theme throughout my whole life. I think it all started with 70′s classic “Rocky.” Soon thereafter my brother & I were pressing our Sear’s cement/plastic-covered weight set for our own “strongman,” contests. Other than that, all the activity a kid could ask for was found right outside our front door; pick-up baseball, football, tag, bicycling, swimming,  running were the order of everyday. PE classes in elementary school were a reality. Climbing ropes to the ceiling, chin-ups, pull-ups, wrestling, flag-football, kickball, dodgeball and monkey bars were the norm. Nautilus, Universal,  free weights, & yoga all followed. It wasn’t until my early 40′s that I discovered the kettlebell. Little did I realize at the time how much of an impact this “cannonball with a handle,” would have. Two years thereafter, September 11, I became certified to become an instructor of Russian Kettlebells (RKC).  My goal in 2013 to to attain Level II status with Pavel's new group StrongFirst! I teach 10 small group kettlebell classes per week in Oakland CA at SOL Performance and ProAction Athletics. Connect with me on Twitter @510kettlebeller

Here is my Dirty Bakers' Dozen

1). Rock on Hanuman - MC Yogi  - Need to ease the folks into the session. 
2) Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix - Set a PR with my bottoms-up press listening to this...15min of shredding guitar work
3) Overpowered by Funk - The Clash - Rapper Futura 2000 shines
4) Leave Home - The Chemical Brothers - I have three sons and this is one of their favorites...'the brothers gonna work it out.."
5) God's Son - NAS - time to get down and dirty with some double front squats & clean & presses!!
6) Love Bites - Judas Priest - a nod to my heavy metal daze \m/
7) King of Rock - Run DMC - Devastating Mic Control extraordinaire
8) Low Self Opinion - Rollins Band - raw power from a man who loves to move iron
9) Wake Up - RATM - "Flip" like Wilson with my kettlebell cues
10) California Love - Tupac Shakur - from Oakland to Sactown, the Bay area & back down, Cali is where we put the mack down!
11) Hold it now, Hit it - The Beastie Boys - white boys CAN jump (see *Billy Ho)...and rap!
12) Sexmachine - James Brown - "Get-up, get on up!"

13) C.R.E.A.M - Wu-Tang Clan - need I say more?! "dolla, dolla bills y'all" $$GETMONEY$$
My dude! Thanks for the playlist and thanks for the #GETMONEY shout out. Be sure to check him out on Facebook at 510 Kettlebell Zen.
Pharaoh out! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday's - Guest post from Nicole Gendel

 It's Monday and that means more music! This weeks playlist comes from Pilates instructor Nicole Gendel. Here's her bio.

Nicole Gendel stands out on stage.  Her recent work in Jacqulyn Buglisi’s Requiem, staged at California State University Long Beach, is the result of years of preparation and most of all, passion…
Born in Visalia, CA, Nicole has been dancing since the age of four.  She attended Dance Arts, a local dance academy through high school.  As a student at Redwood High School she was part of the school’s elite troupe, “Dance Force,” and balanced that activity as a flutist in the marching band, ultimately becoming its drum major.
Graduating with a major in Dance with the Science Option at California State University, Long Beach, Nicole has studied with Susan McClain, Lorin Johnson, Keith Johnson, Sophie Monat, John Pennington, Andy Vaca, Holly Johnston, Regina Klenjoski and Sharon Kinney.  Being mentored in the narrow field of Dance Science by one of the world’s leading authorities, Ms. Karen Clippinger, Nicole consistently uses her knowledge to enhance her own art and that of her peers.
Her intimate involvement in CSULB’s dance program extended to the costume shop where she worked as seamstress for three years under the leadership of Ms. Liz Pelster.  During her academic career Nicole received numerous scholarships and awards from the Dance Department and University.  Upon graduation, she was honored to be named the Outstanding Graduate from the College of the Arts at CSULB.
Losing no momentum, Nicole’s summers have been spent at Summer Lee Rhatigan’s San Francisco Conservatory of Dance where she had the privilege of working with Bobbi Smith, a member of Ohad Naharin’s Batsheva, Elke Schepers, part-time ballet mistress of the Netherland’s Dance Theater, Chiharu Shibata, Alex Ketley, Christian Burns, and Claire Granier.
Nicole is living in New York and working to join a dance company.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition - Axwell Remix
Rihanna – Diamonds
Kanye West – All Of The Lights
M83 – Midnight City
John Legend – Green Light featuring Andre 3000
David Guetta – Titanium - feat. Sia
OutKast – B.O.B.
Muse – Uprising
A.M.X. – You Made Me Change My Number (Remix) - DJ Break
2Pac – Changes - (Explicit)
The Format – The First Single
French Montana – Pop That - Explicit Version
Michael Jackson – Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Single Version
Jay-Z/ Linkin Park – Numb/Encore - Explicit Version
Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
Kanye West – Blame Game

Thanks Nicole for the playlist. 

Pharaoh Out!