Friday, July 29, 2011

A week of firsts

What motivates me as a trainer? Most of you think it's to crush anyone that I train (well that's also a perk to the job). Seeing progress is what motivates me. I get more excitement out of seeing people move up in weight, increase their speed, get better at their technique than taking MAAAAAAN DOWN photos. Ok that might be a bit of a stretch as the MAAAAAAAN DOWN photos are truly entertaining. But seeing progress and change is what I really enjoy. Sometimes I think I enjoy seeing the progress more than the client themselves.

This week one of my clients Sharron did her 1st Turkish get up with weight. We've been working the TGU each week in stages. Needless to say I was extremely happy. This week also saw Hilary do multiple snatches for the 1st time. She's using the 10kg bell (22lbs) right now, I'm sure it won't be long before she gets to the 12kg bell (no you can't move up next week so don't ask).

As for me well this has been a good week. After getting 10,000 swings last week I wanted to see where my snatch test time was at. So Monday after a thorough mobility warmup I grabbed the 24kg and went at it. I managed to cut 15 seconds off my time. Original time 4:55, Monday 4:40. I still want to shave 10 more seconds off that before San Diego. How? Grab a 16kg kettlebell for some VO2 Max testing. 80 sets of 8 snatches in 15/15 work rest split. This was also the 1st time I did 8's for the entire time. Last time I tried I managed 40 sets before the numbers started dipping.

Biggest first of all, my first bar muscle up. Joe and Flex were outside messing around on the bar doing muscle ups with a 20lb weighted vest (now that's just crazy). I hadn't attempted a muscle up in well over a year. I had gotten too frustrated with not being able to do them so I just labeled them as "stupid" and that "I had no need for them". I said to them "Once I get back in September I'm going to train to do muscle ups" Of course they were having none of that and said do it now. After 5 tries I finally get one so Joe says, "get the camera". Of course what do you think happened...

EPIC FAIL! You hear me at the end say "I'm done". Joe and Flex tell me to get back on the bar and a few seconds later

Yes ugly as hell too. But it's a start. Next step multiple muscle ups. Off to the gym gang.

Pharaoh out!


  1. Nice!!! Glad to of witnessed the progress

  2. Thanks Flex! Like I said it wouldn't have happened wihout you and Joe there.