Thursday, August 18, 2011

1 more day

This is it. 8 months of training, for this weekend. Hard to believe it's a day away. Thousands of swings (11,000 last month), Turkish Get Ups, cleans and snatches during those 8 months. I've tweaked things along the way and had them re-tweaked. I met with a few RKC's who looked over my form and made some corrections. I've had a few RKC's comment on my videos and make suggestions (it's why I started going barefoot). It all comes to a close this weekend.

Does it come to a close, or is it just the beginning? 3 days of swinging, drills and learning. Yes learning. All this focus on passing and worrying, I forgot the purpose of this was to get better. To learn. To become a better trainer, better kettlebell instructor,better teacher and a better student. Yes the beginning! This 3 day weekend is the start of my journey as an RKC. I'm looking forward to returning (well almost hahahaha) and teaching the things I learned last week and what I will learn this weekend.

I'll try to update this weekend with photos and video. Just being stingy since it's $10 a day to have an Internet connection in the room.

Pharaoh out!

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