Thursday, September 8, 2011

The GOAL is to keep the GOAL the GOAL

The title is a quote from Senior RKC Dan John . What is your GOAL? Don't lose sight of it. If your GOAL is running a marathon, then go run with no worries and have an experience. If your GOAL is to run the Empire State Building, then go climb the stairs and have an experience.

On the right side of my blog I have a list of Training GOALS. A few are just for show (100 double unders just sounds cool to me). Others have a purpose and meaning. When I started this blog my top GOAL was to become an RKC. With that came things that I had to focus on to attain the GOAL. Having a faster time on my snatch test was something I wanted and listed as a goal, but it wasn't the GOAL. The GOAL was to become an RKC. The snatch test was a part of getting to the GOAL. Looking better Nekkid (yes I said nekkid) was never the goal, although it's a great result from training and reaching my GOAL. 10,000 swings in a month was a goal, but again it was something I chose to do in order to get to the real GOAL.

So my new GOAL is to become an RKC 2. Yes, I'm doing it again, April 27-29, 2012, St. Paul Minnesota. What does it entail? Here's a link to the list of the requirements . Again on the right side of the blog, you'll see my training goals. Become an RKC 2, clean and press a 44kg bell, pistol squats and 5 tactical pullups with the 24kg. The last 3 are requirements needed to become an RKC 2, except for the 5 tactical pullups. Only 1 is needed, 5 just sounds cool. So my training for the next 8 months will be all about the GOAL.

The video was from my kettlebell class last night. We focused on some new things and had some "aha" moments. Very soon, some of the participants will have their own GOAL to shoot for!!!!! Pick a GOAL and strive to achieve it.

Pharaoh out!


  1. I have to admit, I've always had a hard time sticking with a goal. I have a tendency to get close, and then find an excuse to not follow through. Sometimes I wonder if its because my goals (at least the fitness based ones) aren't MY goals. They are goals other people think I'll be good at. Triathlons, Figure, and most recently a dabble in powerlifting. And the reality is that I AM good at those things. I just don't have it in my heart to follow through because the reality is I don't care that much if I'm on stage in a sparkling bikini. CHEESINESS ALERT: I'm inspired by your ability to focus on "smaller" goals, like the 10,000 swing challenge. It's interesting. Different. Personal. And even more, by your determination to not let your injury last year, get in the way of your achievement this year.

  2. First of all THANK YOU to your coach Dan John for such words of wisdom.Second, THANK YOU for sharing such an important lesson with us! It's so true at some point we all lose sight of "the goal" and get caught up on the minor details required of us to attain our goal. Anything in life worth achieving involves obstacles. Although it seems we always get caught up on the minor details.Myself included the HKC is this weekend (wooooHOOO)and for weeks I was sweating the flexed arm hang. Why Why Why? It's 15 seconds ! Thank you for helping me to see the goal is the HKC and the next goal is the RKC in April 2012 !

  3. this is totally inspiring. you're right, setting a GOAL and making sure that you keep that the focus through your training (or whatever you have to do to reach it) is the only way to achieve any success. I can't wait to join your kettle bells group once my race is over! my secret GOAL is to try and do some fitness/athletic modeling or maybe compete in a fitness competition. it's kinda out there, but i've always wanted to do it!

  4. SportyBee, tough to not get caught up in someone else's goal for you. I've wanted to do the RKC for a while. I also knew that I didn't want to be fat at 40! So training for the RKC helped me accomplish that! And yes the entire time I was training I was worried about getting injured. But, it didn't matter. Had I gotten injured, I would have postponed. The GOAL was still to become an RKC!

  5. Elizabeth M, that 15 seconds will be very easy for you. You've already done it in training for 2x as long. Go to the HKC and learn! Go and network. Go and be halfway to your GOAL of becoming an RKC!

  6. Chescaleigh the group goes hard! Elizabeth as you see has set the GOAL of becoming an RKC. You'll get to be a part and come along for the ride. If the GOAL is a fitness competition, then kettlebells can be a tool used to help get you there! Now don't forget those hill repeats, you have the San Francisco 1/2 to run next month!