Monday, December 12, 2011

Everybody needs a coach, especially me!

Many of you know I've signed up for the RKC 2 in April of next year. I did all of my technique stuff for level 1 on my own. As a result there were some hitches in my swing and TGU. The RKC weekend is more of a conditioning focus in my opinion. Level 2 is a different story.

There are lifts which I've never done and more importantly my technique in some of the level 1 skills and level 2 skills need some cleaning up. Most importantly I need to remain injury free (well as injury free as my broken old body can be). So for the next 3 months my training is being programmed by Mark & Nikki Snow over at SG Human Performance .

Me and my Coaches!
Biggest thing for me is to be coachable. What does that mean? The coach made the program, the athlete (in my case old athlete) needs to follow the program. The program is going to balance me out. Most of us, myself included avoid our weaknesses. Add to that my FMS screen (a 5 in October now a 12) my own training had me doing things that constantly hindered my movement. Based on my current screen my programming will allow me to improve my technique and my screen.

When I mentioned getting a coach someone in class commented ,"why do you need a coach?" Manny Pacquiao has a coach, Muhammad Ali had a coach, Magic Johnson had a coach, why wouldn't I have a coach. I don't need a workout partner saying "atta boy" or "all you" or "looks great". I need someone to evaluate my progress, check my form, correct my mistakes. Lastly I got a coach to be an example. If I tell my students something in class, I need to do the same. If I say to a student take 3 weeks off to reset it's because I've done so myself by listening to the coach. I'm very excited for the next 3 months of training and hopefully take a trip to Nebraska in February to work out with my coaches at their facility.

Pharaoh Out 

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