Thursday, March 8, 2012

RKC 2 - The Decision. I'm taking my talents to Venice, Italy!

No the above isn't a typo. For a month or so I've toyed with the idea. I was excited about RKC 2 next month in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was looking forward to meeting Dave Clancy, Linda Elizabeth Mertens, Kevin Knapp, and others. I was looking forward to participating side by side with my coach and friend Mark Snow and doing the shooting stance with Jason Nold. I was looking forward to learning from Brett Jones and getting to meet Jeff O'Connor.

But I had doubts. Prior to my trip to Omaha I hadn't slept comfortably in a bed in 2 years, due to my herniated disc. With the recent flare up of my back, my very wobbly pistol with a counterweight, was gone and, produced pain everytime I tried it. My heaviest press was a 36kg far from the 44kg I need for level 2. Last, I'm 15 pounds heavier than my "game shape" and my pullup was terrible. I had zero confidence. While in Omaha, Mark asked me, "which do you want to do"? "When you say St. Paul, I see you get nervous and tense." "When you mention Italy, you get more relaxed". Everyone needs a coach and my coach had me pegged.

With that talk, I made the switch. I've made progress in my pistol training again and, hit a PR in the press! I hit a 32kg bottoms up press last Saturday and a 40kg military press on Tuesday. I've also got a new program from Mark to work on. This and the extra 90 days gives me the confidence that I'll be successful in June. Hmmm, guess it's time to get Rosetta Stone!

The Gun Show at the RKC 8/20/11

This post is also about goals. I wasn't proactive enough with mine. I let my own doubts get in the way and built excuses. I tell clients you should have a goal, take before and after pictures. The photos from the August RKC were posted the day after I made the switch to Italy. This photo reminded me of what "game shape" looks like. This photo was months in the making. This photo is what I need to get back to. Time to GET MONEY!

Pharaoh out!

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