Friday, March 2, 2012

A week of learning!

A week of programming!

I was in Omaha, Nebraska last week with Mark Snow of SG Human Performance . Getting ready for RKC 2, I asked Mark to design my program. This visit was to go over some things, and assess my readiness for RKC 2 in April. I was also there to attend the FMS combo workshop. I did the CK-FMS back in October, so this was a review for me. I was fortunate to be an assistant for the first day of the workshop.

First things first, I'm jacked up. Having to list your injury history, and then look at them on a white board for a week, can do that to you. After looking at my injury history, SFMA and FMS score I said to Mark, "If I walked in and asked me to train me, I wouldn't do it". "I'd be scared sh#tless".

I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and went straight to the gym from the airport. Being on 2 planes (the second one might as well have had a single propeller) I felt really stiff. I grab a foam roller to un-glue some things. Of course "Dad" walked in and I got scolded. SMR work has an effect on your movement screen so we put it off until Wednesday morning. Instead Mark did a SFMA assessment and some trigger point therapy. One word, OUCH. It did pay off, as there were several triggers in my neck that needed to be addressed. The rest of the afternoon was spent going over correctives, deadlifts and power swings. There was constant assessing going on. Some drills would work, others would cause pain. One corrective in particular (Kettlebells From the Ground Up 2) worked everytime. After dinner I went to my room to sleep.

Ah, the sleep thing. I have a herniated L5 - S1. I haven't slept comfortably in a bed in over a year. Most times I sleep in a recliner, since it's one of the few things that don't irritate my back. Going to certifications, workshops and seminars is always tough. I was hoping this trip would change some of that.

Wednesday morning, I wake up with no back pain. Hmmm, something must be working. I went to the gym and got my screen in. 13/21. Not where it needs to be, but a major improvement from the 5 I had in October. My lowest score, a 1/1 on rotary stability. Of course with my back the way it is, it was no surprise that was the low score. A few drills to see if we could bring that up, as well as some Kalos Sthenos TGU and armbars. I also got a neck massage to release some of the triggers in my neck and pecs. Some kettlebell drills and correctives rounded out the morning. The afternoon session was a few circuits of goblet squats, swings, bottoms up presses, weighted pullups and pistol progressions.

The Pharaoh demonstrating the TGU with Mark Snow at Midland University

Thursday morning I go with Mark to Midland University, where he teaches 2 classes. In his first class, he covered the active straight leg raise and shoulder mobility. Many of the student athletes in his class had some issues. Hopefully, they take the things they are learning in the class and stick with the correctives. After class, SMR work and some kettlebell drills. I'd been having some trouble with the snatch and couldn't figure out why. Mark pointed out I wasn't using glutes. I started to tighten them up and the bell flew up. Something I've known, but needed someone else to remind me. As I've said before, everyone needs a coach, and this week proved it for me. In the second class, Mark taught the students the TGU.  Tons of learning going on at that time. Students, starting to understand how their bodies move (or don't move). The TGU is truly a fascinating exercise, as it requires good movement and stability. It also points out weak links. That evening we went to the event center to set up for the FMS combo course. In all of this my dude Kareem was stuck in Chicago. He was coming in to take the 3 day combo course. Snow in Chicago cancelled his flight and he was on stand-by. Luckily, he made it to Omaha (I think he hired a farmer to bring him in on a crop duster).

I didn't do any training Friday - Sunday. That was for the FMS course. You can always learn something new, even when you've taken a course before. At the CK-FMS, we did more correctives with the kettlebell. During the combo course we did a lot of correctives with the Gray Cook band. There was some R & R as Kareem and I went to a hockey game (oh there were some funny stories with that). We also had a chance to play Buck Hunter (if the Zombie apocalypse occurs, I want a Glock), and learned the Nold Shooting Stance. It was amusing, and actually similar to the shooting stance of soldiers in World War 1.

Before going to the airport Monday, I went to the gym for another training session. One of Mark's new students, Rhonda, thanked me for working out when she was there. She said it was inspiring.  I thanked her, because it was inspiring to watch her. I told her that somewhere in NYC, there is a woman who wants to learn about kettlebells. She may have a similar story and I would be able to share that.

As I said, it was a week of learning. Learning about myself. Learning about the FMS. Learning different approaches to teaching classes. Learning the NoldMy friends laughed when I said I was going to Omaha for a week. With all the learning I did last week, how could I not have gone to Omaha?

Pharaoh out!