Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music Monday's - Mash ups

This week a list of some mash ups. Some are known, some pretty obscure. All are solid tracks to fill u a workout playlist. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below or on the Facebook page. Enough yappin', let's get to the tracks!

9. Ludacris vs Limp Biskit - Luda's Move with Limp Biskit's Nookie!

8. Biggie vs Joan Jett - Big's Hypnotize with Joan Jett's I Love Rock n Roll

7. Linkin Park vs Mobb Deep - Linkin Park's In the End with Mobb Deep's Got it Twisted

6. Jay-Z vs Linkin Park - Jay-z's Dirt off Your Shoulder with Linkin Park's Lying from You

5. Tupac vs Survivor - Tupac's Holler if you Hear Me with Survivor's Eye of the Tiger

4. DMX vs Nirvana - DMX's No Love for Me with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit

3. Mobb Deep vs Jimi Hendrix - Mobb Deep's Shook Ones vs Jimi Hendrix's Foxy

2. Eminem vs Disturbed - Eminem's Til I Collapse with Distrubed's Down with the Sickness

1. Biggie vs Led Zepplin - Biggie's Dead Wrong with Led Zepplin's Whole lotta Love

There you have it 9 mash ups to add to a workout playlist.

Pharaoh out!

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