Monday, November 28, 2011

5 months until the RKC 2

The Kettlebell Gauntlet

150 days until the RKC 2. I saw one of the RKC's posted today on Facebook counting down the days until the cert. Whoa! Things just got serious. I had to give myself a timeout after taking the CK-FMS in October. I took 2.5 weeks off and just worked correctives focusing on ASLR, T-spine and shoulder mobility. Was it tough to take that brief time off? No, because the GOAL remains RKC 2. Taking time off to reset was needed after the grind to get to the RKC.

I started working out again 4 weeks ago. This is the program I followed.
Mobility prep - ASLR, arm bar, t-spine, ankle, open 1/2 kneeling
5-7 minutes naked TGU
2x5 tactical pullup (chest to bar)
2x5 double kb deadlift 24kg & 32kg
2x5 Goblet Squats 24kg

I started off doing 2x5 double kb deadlifts at 24 & 32kg's. I don't have a pair of 28's so that was the reason for the jump. 5-7 minutes of naked TGU. Get your minds out the gutter not "nekkid". My focus on those TGU's was doing every step 3 times per side before proceeding to the next step. 2x5 Goblet squats with 24kg and 2x5 tactical pullups. Those 4 movements were to re-establish my base and keep me from doing damage to myself. And when I say damage I don't mean injury. I mean undoing the 3 weeks of correctives. I followed this base program for 2 weeks training 4 days per week.

The past 2 weeks I've added weight to the TGU and added a few more exercises. My training sessions now are generally 45-50 minutes long. 15 minutes is mobility prep and working on my lowest scores from my FMS screen. The latest program is as follows

Mobility prep - ASLR, arm bar, t-spine, ankle, open 1/2 kneeling
6-8 bells 12-36kg
Goblet squat - 5 reps at each bell focused on hip and ankle mobility
TGU - 1 rep each side alternating heavy and light kbs (12-36,16-32 etc). This was inspired by Brett Jones.
2 hand swing - 5 reps each bell (16-36kg)
1 hand swing - 5 reps per hand each bell (16-36kg)
Clean - 3 reps per hand each bell (16-32kg) (2 times in 2 weeks)
Snatch - 3 reps per hand (16-28kg) (done 1 time in 2 weeks)
Tactical pullup/chinups

The pullups/chinups were done in between each exercise. Example TGU right/left 1 TPU/1 CH. When I can I throw some box pistols in the mix. So far feeling good. Pretty soon it will be time to include more of the level 2 movements into the mix. Right now still trying to clean some things up. 5 months is plenty of time to get ready with smart programing. Which means I'm going to let someone else "drive the car". Everyone needs a coach and I need someone else to navigate this course so I address my weakness, address my mobility issues and make sure I stop trying to drive a 1971 Buick like its a 2011 Ferrari.

Pharaoh out

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