Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you

Today is my last 12:15pm Sports Conditioning class in Midtown. It's been a great run. From 43 participants in that small studio. To having the floor boards wrecked from water damage and still getting it done. To the class that carried heavy bags up the stairs (girls too!!!). Thanks for making me bring my best each and every Tuesday afternoon.

A few shout outs to some vets of the class
Andra - DALLAS!!!!!! T-Veins!!!!! Thanks for calling your nanny in class (and yes it was her first class too). Thanks for always being a good sport and always working hard.
Wendy - B.A. Thank you for improving! You've come a long way and I'm glad to have shared in it.
Arlene and Kelley - I had to put you 2 girls together. The work you 2 girls did when we trained together!! Best part of my week was knowing I was going to train you 2 on Monday.  I'll never forget that last "sprint".
Adam - Yo Big Man!!! Thanks for always keeping me on my playlist game. Thanks for the t-shirts. It forced me to get back on my grind and get back in shape to wear them!
Tyshon - Put it down every week. Had the toughest job since I knew you were the strongest in class I had to challenge you even more. It also helps when the entire class depends on your success!!! Hahaha
David - I always knew if I gave the WTF option you were going to try to do it. And give me the finger after.
Amy - I appreciate the energy! The hard work! And most important you always look like you're having fun. I could be killing the class and you're in the zone. QUICK FEET!!!!!!
Marcela - Always a hard worker.
Petey and Dan - the Queens crew. Thanks for coming through and reppin' the borough each week.
Glen - Thanks for the best endorsement ever. The vid of your boys saying ,"Ari is Mean" is one of the greatest moments I've ever had as a trainer.
Ryan - Thanks for making T step his sprint game up! The competition between you 2 always got me amped up!
Merissa - Lil sis the Original Sprint Champ! Go Team! 

Lastly thanks to the smack talkers. It makes me go that much harder every week. Nuff Said!

Now I gotta find that Boys II Men song so I can officially close the show.

Pharaoh Out!


  1. Last year, I'd been going to the Saturday class for a few months when I walked into 38th & Broadway one afternoon looking to get my sweat on. I swore out loud when I saw it was Ari teaching the class. Tuesdays won’t be the same without it. Thank you, Pharaoh--Forest Ills represent!