Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pharaohs Zumba Fitness - Stay in your lane

Announcement, I will now be teaching Zumba instead of my regular classes. I see that Zumba is new and hot and energetic and I want to be part of the craze. Of course I haven't danced (well except for the 2 step I do occasionally in class) in over 20 years, but I did dance in a few music videos, so this must mean I'm qualified. I'm going to start teaching and make videos and make a ton of money. Why? Because it's the new thing to do, everyone is doing it and I have to be cutting edge. Also I'm going to start giving Muay Thai instruction. I figure the 3 months I trained with my boy Joe is good enough to classify me as an expert. Show me the money!!

Ok, lets be real, we know I won't be teaching Zumba, and if I taught a Muay Thai class it would be, "How to get your butt kicked by a real Muay Thai practitioner. What's my point? Kettlebell training is "new" and "hot" and yes my gym has them. But as a trainer take pride in learning your craft. Get an objective view of your technique and teaching abilities. Don't be satisfied with coaching poor form, sipping your frappuccino, texting away while the client goes off and wildly swings away. And if you really don't know how to teach a skill, don't. Choose things that you are good at teaching. The client will benefit in the long run.

Don't be afraid to say I don't know how to teach that effectively. There are so many tools in the fitness tool box, trainers have a multitude of things to choose from. Don't get fascinated by the hot item or technique. And if you do invest some time and effort in truly learning and understanding before you pass yourself off as an expert. If you're looking up kettlebell training, take the RKC if you want to learn Hardstyle. If you want to learn Girevoy Sport (GS) then look for an AKC or an IKFF trainer. If you want to learn Suspension Training then look for a TRX Suspension Training Course. Again take the time and invest in your professional career.

Now enough ranting I've got to get my DVD out so I can make some of this Zumba money. Just kidding,  I know my lane and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Pharaoh Out!!!!

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