Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday's - Basketball songs

I've decided to move the weekly music post here to the blog. This way I can add video links. Missed the 1st 2 Music Monday's? Here are links:

Week 1 - Top 10 Nas tracks to workout to
Week 2 - Sharon Shiner's SPIN playlist and class profile

With this years edition of USA Basketball taking the court, I decided to post 7 basketball related tracks.

7. Public Enemy - Rebel Without a Pause
"Simple and plain, give me the lane
I'll throw it down your throat like Barkley"
If you ever saw the round mound of rebound in his early days, you knew this was true.

6. Ice Cube - It was a Good Day
"Get me on the court and I'm trouble, last week messed around and had a triple double.
Freaking brothers every day like MJ, I can't believe today was a good day"

5. Monstars (B-Real, Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes) - Hit 'em High

4. Juelz Santana - The Second Coming.
Nike Basketball, nuff said!

3. Jay - Z - Lebron freestyle
Jay-Z gets into the "beef" with LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson. C'mon Son!

2. Biggie Smalls and Heavy D - Jam Session
They managed to name every hot player in the league at the time.

1. Kurtis Blow - Basketball
Ok, forgive the dunks on the 5 foot rim. But otherwise the obvious choice for number 1.

And, in my opinion, in the best of 7 the Dream team would beat this years USA Basketball team 4-1.

Pharaoh out!

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