Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday's - Guest post from Ashleigh Kast

Excited this week to have fellow RKC II instructor Ashleigh Kast of Rock the Bells Kettlebell School providing this weeks playlist. Here's her bio

Learn. Lift. Run. That's what Ashleigh Kast wants to do. In that pursuit, Ashleigh has gathered numerous certifications, workshop hours, and some really great expert friends. To help her clients maximize their strength gains, she has muscled through RKC I and II Russian Kettlebell Challenges. To get them moving better, she implements the FMS Functional Movement Screen. And to help runners get faster, Ashleigh has studied sprinting and mechanics with Olympic and collegiate coaches. In her spare time, Ashleigh trains for triathlons, strength challenges, or power-lifting gains, depending on the season. No matter the year or current focus, she considers herself a runner at heart. 

When I'm lifting heavy, I need a playlist that fits the tone of the session. #1 It must have a serious message. As Pavel says, you can always tell a real educated weightlifter by how they handle themselves between sets. Quiet, contemplative, anticipating the next set. #2 It must be confident. A chick who deads over 200 pounds at your average box gym tends to get some looks. Ok let's be serious, a never-ending line of bewildered stares. and #3 It's just gotta sound good. Here are some of my past and present go-to's.

1)Atmosphere - YGM
2)El-p feat Killer Mike and Despot - Tougher Colder Killer
3)Kanye West, Jay-z, Big Sean - Clique
4)Das Racist - Power
5)Uncle Murda feat French Montana, Jeezy, Rick Ross- remix to Warning
6)Killer Mike feat T.I. - Ready Set Go
7)Jay-z feat Swizz Beatz - Ultra
8)Styles p feat Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes - Harsh
9)Santogold - Creator
10)Talib Kwelli - Get By

Thanks Ashleigh! I think a few of these will make it into the rotation! Please check out and like her Facebook Fan Page Rock the Bells Kettlebell School

Pharaoh out!

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